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Meet Maleah

How is it that a humble drink we have been consuming for thousands of years can be so intimidating? It’s hard enough choosing between red, white, rosé or sparkling, (and what is orange wine, anyway?) but then you add different countries, regions, and grape varietals to the equation and it becomes more like a foreign language rather than a bottle of fermented grape juice. At this point, you have probably given up trying to make sense of it all and more-often-than-not choose your selection based on the label that appeals to you most. Sound familiar? You're not alone…

I was there too only a few years ago. Being from Las Vegas I didn’t grow up around wine and didn’t even have my first glass until I was almost 30! One sip was all it took and I was hooked. I have spent the last 8 years diving headfirst into the deep end of the wine pool; sharing my passion with newbie wine lovers and eager restaurant staff alike. I strive to make the learning experience as fun and un-intimidating as I can while still providing knowledge and insight. Let’s unlock the mystery of wine together.


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